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Cutting-Edge Dental Technology in Washington, DC

Georgetown Dental Aesthetic is proud to offer our services using the latest in dental technology to our Washington, DC patients. From spectacular whitening results to specialized soft tissue surgery instruments, our dental staff stays current to ensure you get the best care possible. Give us a call if you have any questions, or you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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At Georgetown Dental Aesthetic, we utilize a large selection of treatment-enhancing equipment and procedures to provide you with the best care possible.
Zoom® Whitening

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is popular in cosmetic dentistry. Drugstore whitening kits often end with disappointing results, which is why we offer Zoom® Whitening. During this procedure, you wear a tray of peroxide on your teeth for a maximum of one hour. The chemicals brighten your teeth from the inside out by penetrating the deepest layers of your enamel. Zoom® Whitening is an excellent choice if you’re tired of stained teeth and let down from home whitening kits.

Intraoral Cam

This tiny camera is used to take still pictures of dental lesions in the mouth. Dr. Alathari uses this camera to identify oral tumors, extra teeth, decay between teeth, and many other oral health problems that a visual inspection alone won’t detect. These cameras include disposable probes and covers, which we change for every patient.

Micro Camera

Futudent’s® micro camera is an intraoral camera used specifically to record a video. This camera allows the dentist to see what’s happening in your mouth from another view, and they can use that to create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Magnifying Loup

Made by Orascoptic, this piece of equipment magnifies the inside of your mouth by several hundred times. Dr. Alathari sometimes needs an enhanced field of vision to identify small abnormalities like decay between teeth or gum disease at the very beginning stage.


The M-Scan records the four muscles used for mastication, which help your jaw function correctly. Observing these muscles at work helps to ensure that your jaws are working as well as possible.

Odyssey® Diode Laser

Dr. Alathari uses this diode laser for soft tissue surgery. It keeps you comfortable throughout the procedure while obtaining the desired results in minimal time.

Tell Us Your Dental Vision & We’ll Help You Get There