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Our Philosophy for Washington’s DC’s Dental Treatment

The dentist and staff at GT Dental Aesthetic believe that your happiness with the aesthetic results of a dental procedure is a crucial element of the planning process. It’s a point of our practice that you should expect a smile that is both healthy and beautiful. Dr. Alathari’s most important goal for treatment is that each patient receives a dental experience that they describe as comfortable and exceptional. To achieve this goal, he works with you in a close partnership throughout the process, from the beginning of planning your treatment to the final touches on your procedure. Doing so ensures that the services we perform earn your satisfaction.

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Detailed Treatment Planning for Every Procedure

Before any procedure, Dr. Alathari believes that a thorough examination of a patient’s whole mouth is required to understand your oral needs fully. This examination includes a detailed visual inspection of your jaws, teeth, and the rest of your mouth. Along with the visual inspection, the dentist might take several digital x-rays and other investigative methods. You could just require a simple dental filling for a cavity, or you might need a complete smile makeover. Whether your needs are minor or significant, Dr. Alathari and our friendly staff will carefully explain all of the treatment options available to you. We take the time to keep you informed and make sure you’re comfortable with the procedural options. You should be the one who determines your vision for dental treatment, instead of us. We consider it our job to meet your expectations.

Questions are Welcome

Treatment planning is about getting your oral health and aesthetics to where you want them to be, and in a manner that makes you comfortable. If during the planning you don’t understand or agree with a procedural option that we recommend, you’re welcome and encouraged to stop us and ask questions or voice concerns at any time. On the day of your dental procedure, we want you to be fully confident and leave our office with a fantastic new smile. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get answers to your questions and worries.

Tell Us Your Dental Vision & We’ll Help You Get There